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Vote Liberal Democrat on Thursday

Vote for David Chalmers and the Liberal Democrats on Thursday, to Stop  Brexit, support our young families, invest in our public services and  tackle the Climate Emergency.

Tackle the Climate Emergency

David explains the actions that the Lib Dems would take to start  dealing with the Climate Emergency.

Free childcare from 9 months

David explains the Lib Dems radical new childcare policy

Protect Devon's Family Farms

David warns of the dangers to Devon's farmers of high tariffs and  low-standard American food imports if we sign up to the Johnson Brexit  plan.

Hundreds of EU citizens in Torridge & West Devon are being left, by  this Conservative government, in legal limbo over whether they will be  able to remain in the UK after Brexit.

NFU Hustings

David Chalmers talks about the issues facing the farming community as discussed at the NFU Hustings in Halwill.

Reopen Appledore Shipyard

David Chalmers calls on the Government to step in and make it a priority to find the funds to reopen Appledore Shipyard.

Vote David Chalmers & the Lib Dems on 12th Dec

Only David Chalmers and the Liberal Democrats can beat Geoffrey Cox here in Torridge & West Devon. Vote Lib Dem on December 12th.

Brexit Party/Tory Party One and the Same

David explains the political maneuvers of the Tory party and Brexit party.

Help the Lib Dems win in Torridge & West Devon

To help David and the Lib Dem campaign you can: