Dan Garnett (Dan the Fish Man) pictured with David voted Leave in the referendum but will be voting for the Liberal Democrats, to stop Brexit in the election on December 12th

The Lib Dem candidate for Torridge and West Devon, has warned that Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan will not address the concerns of local fishermen and fish merchants in Torridge. Speaking after a visit to Appledore Fish Dock yesterday, David Chalmers, who lives in Appledore, said:

"In the last few weeks I have spoken to fishermen, fish merchants, and others connected to the industry up and down our coast and I have witnessed nothing but disquiet about Brexit and the prospects for fishing.

"Not one of the people I have spoken to now believes that Brexit will solve the problems they face. They are now not only worried about access to fishing grounds and competition from foreign vessels but the threat to export markets if there are tariffs or delays at ports.

BREXIT SHELLFISH THREAT: No deal Brexit shellfish warning

"Without free and frictionless access to our nearest overseas markets, the massive investment in Appledore Fish Dock will be wasted. A traditional industry which is not only dear to our hearts, but provides fresh locally caught fish which is part of our appeal to tourists.

"When it comes to fishing, as in so many other areas, our Government has promised much and delivered little. We need a local, listening MP who will get to grips with the detail of these problems and provide a strong voice at Westminster and in Europe.

Brexit is the wrong answer to the questions our local fishermen have been asking for years"

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